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Bleeps & Beats Selection I by Magneze

Среда, Сентябрь 8th, 2010

downtempo, idm, chill, electronic, ambient

A Tender Jazz Fiction By Emushi

Вторник, Август 10th, 2010

Ничего сверхнового в этой компиляции, но сведено хорошо и гладко. Кажется, что эти треки не стареют…

Really nothing new in this compilation, but mixed kind of smooth and good… brings you back to all these good days you feel nostalgic for.

Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, Latin, Deep House, House

Vertigo mix

Понедельник, Февраль 8th, 2010

vertigo mix, t-ninja, граффити, blog, блог, graffiti, скачать трек, download, микс, painting, artworks, street art, стрит арт
Down tempo, house, broken beat, intelligent d’n’b, funk… audio medicine,
100% pure poison for your soul inside.


million miles of love mix

Вторник, Январь 5th, 2010


Grand Opening

Вторник, Декабрь 22nd, 2009


Graffiti, street art, photography and designer vinyl…
all in one melting pot. From the streets to the labs, and then back to the streets. T-Ninja Crew presents its own vision of this ever fresh visual culture. Follow us to meet interesting people and stuff. We’re here to connect the past and the future.
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