Fav Outlines

Последние две недели мы провели много времени на фликре. В итоге у нас
накопилась куча фотографий в избранном, среди них – несколько очень
красивых аутлайнов, которыми мы хотим поделиться с вами…

Last couple of weeks we spent alot of time on flickr wandering through different
photostreams checking out what’s going on. So finally we amassed dope stuff
to our favs. Among flicks that we collected some appeared to be too awesome
to keep ‘em for ourselves only…


outline-by-sdceooutline by sdceo

chilld-by-nico189chilld by Nico189

by-rodes1road by Rodes1

sek-by-the-zekwsek by Zekw

miedo12outline by Miedo12

dirty-handsdirty hands sketch by ReyOne for a record label in Geneva, Switzerland
found on Letterstudies

shaken-by-arekshaken By Arek

phekspheks found on Ders photostream

reskoresko found on Res_kogitans’ photostream

kzm-by-kezamkzm by Kezam

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4 Responses to “Fav Outlines”

  1. doom child Says:

    in love with that classic Arek’s outline, digging that lizard.

  2. overdose Says:


  3. vu Says:

    классные скейтчи!
    понра однолиневый
    *спс за вдохновение

  4. ccc Says:

    hoooo god!
    excellent selection!

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