Win A Pack Of Slaps!


Отличный шанс получить наш стикер-пак…

Good chance to win a pack of t-ninja slaps…

Все что вам нужно – найти ошибку, которая появилась на нашем новом стикере со шрифтом, когда мы подготавливали файлы к печати, а затем оставить ниже комментарий с описанием этой ошибки. Автор первого правильного комментария получает от нас стикер-пак с бесплатной почтовой доставкой по всему миру.

Your task is to spot the error/mistake that occurred on our new sticker with green lettering while we were preparing files for printing and leave a comment below with description of it. The first comment with right answer wins a pack of our stickers with free shipping worldwide.


1) вы можете оставить только один комментарий на русском или английском языках;
2) чем точнее будет описание, тем более высокие шансы у вас получить приз;
3) не забудьте ввести правильный адрес электронной почты – это поможет нам связаться с вами в случае победы.


1) the more precise description you give the more chances you got to win;
2) you may leave one comment only, сomments can be written in English or Russian;
4) do not forget to enter correct e-mail address it will help us to contact you if you are the winner.

Good luck!

23 Responses to “Win A Pack Of Slaps!”

  1. desone Says:

    the j is capital and lower case

  2. Rupert Says:

    All the letter have inner drips except the i

  3. Rupert Says:

    All the letter have inner TOP drips except the «i»

  4. gonads Says:

    the problem with the new t-ninja vinyl sticker is that the j is in capital and still has the little dot up the top like this (j) when it should actually be (G)

  5. t-ninja Says:

    j is not the problem, something was missed… be more attentive ;)

  6. mchecka Says:

    единственная ошибка этого стикера заключается в том что его нет у меня на кармане… :)

  7. guns Says:

    main error of this slap is that it’s not on the street send me some and i will bump it!
    так нормально?

  8. fhurbi Says:

    J point is above the N rather than the effects or shadows of the other

  9. fhurbi Says:

    If no effect or shadow within the letters the strongest green

  10. strax Says:

    at the first «N» there is a light green point next to a dark green dripping

  11. gonads Says:

    you are killing me man !!

    and i really want a pack of your stickers cause there dope.

    can you give us a clue?

  12. desone Says:

    i dont realy know.. maybe it because the n is a D but it looks like an n

  13. desone Says:


  14. t-ninja Says:

    Так как не один из ответов не был достаточно точен – мы решили немного изменить правила: теперь можете вы писать столько комментариев с догадками, сколько хотите. Автор первого достаточно точного (чтобы понять, что было потеряно и в какой часть стикера) ответа – получает приз.
    p.s. – да, «j» может выглядеть странно, но если вы хотите получить пак не стоит на ней зацикливаться…

    As no of the answers were precise enough we decided to change the rules slightly: now you can write as many comments as you want and keep on guessing. First answer with description that is precise enough to understand what was missed (and on what part of the sticker) wins.
    p.s. – yeah, “j” may look strange… but if you want to find what we are talking about it would be better to check other letters too…

  15. desone Says:

    im jus gunna kep trying so os far heres my guesses, the T and N is not capital, the d looks like an N, your – looks more like an period, you didnt put inside drips on the -

  16. desone Says:

    i mean the n looks like a d ( CORRECTION )

  17. 510Deco Says:

    the i was where the J is

    the i got deleted

  18. t-ninja Says:

    stop thinking about the shapes of the letters or the case of the letters…

  19. gonads Says:

    The yellow highlight is missing on the inside left of the triangular hole in the A

  20. gonads Says:

    all the letters have bottom drips except the bottom right of the A

  21. t-ninja Says:

    The lucky winner is gonads! He was the first to find the error and precise enough to win! He gets our pack of 20 stickers. Congratulations, gonads!

    Also, we would like to thank everyone who participated for their comments and to award desone with an honorable prize of 10 stickers for been the most active participant.

    All winners will be contacted via e-mal soon.

    Stay tuned!

  22. kohser Says:

    the a is capital thats all I found lol

  23. Pinak Says:

    you forgot the little logo thing you do on all your slaps!

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