T-Ninja Slaps Round The Globe 6

schurk, t-ninja, Голландия, стикеры, ниндзя, нинжа, tee, combo

Бельгия, Голландия, Франция и США, плюс небольшой видеобонус от freaq‘a

France, Belgium, Holland & USA, plus bonus video by freaq from Doel

02_t-ninja_rtg_6Gare de Lyon, Paris, France

01_t-ninja_rtg_6Apeldoorn, Holland

03_t-ninja_rtg_6Utrecht, Holland

04_t-ninja_rtg_6Hague, Holland

05_t-ninja_rtg_6Amsterdam, Holland

06_t-ninja_rtg_6Amsterdam, Holland

07_t-ninja_rtg_6Eindhoven, Holland

08_t-ninja_rtg_6California, USA

09_t-ninja_rtg_6Hague, Holland


Doel, Belgium

11_t-ninja_rtg_6Hague, Holland

12_t-ninja_rtg_6Eindhoven, Holland

big ups: freaq, narcoze, crimson cisa, schurk, chotch, l.ife, 2073

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