15 Years of BN Crew

Miedo12, Rebel, Phantom и юбилейный продакшен.

Anniversary wall by Miedo12, Rebel & Phantom.

04_t-ninja_blog_bn_crew_15 05_t-ninja_blog_bn_crew_15 06_t-ninja_blog_bn_crew_15
BN Crew

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2 Responses to “15 Years of BN Crew”

  1. jooommmanJIE Says:

    I would like that masterpiece at my room walls.. Colors are kickass..
    another ground breaking creations from my fav: ninja’s..

    Ei, its been awhile since uve made ur last t-ninja tagger i made all of em already and itching to make another one.. Any news of new designs comming out??

    – flashback move forward be the best thats t-ninja baby!!

  2. t-ninja Says:

    hey, jooommmanJIE, we are currenly in the process of making new stickers and new papertoy model ;) we think it will be ready in a week, stay tuned!

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