Ninja Posters

Сентябрь 10th, 2011


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Sticker Wall By Späm

Август 14th, 2011

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Special Delivery 2011

Август 6th, 2011


Несколько фрагментов стикер–инсталляций портландской выставки Special Delivery

Some flix of sticker walls/installations from the Special Delivery show (Portland, USA)…


T-Ninja Slaps Round The Globe 12

Август 3rd, 2011

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Comboclaat #3

Июль 23rd, 2011


oi done, big dar, wenk, haru haru, schurk, poor kid, company of artists, ccc, bustart, i4got, kwad, sf, neck1, crimson cisa, obey, evoker, noke, dusk1, boska, scug, dubska, freaQ, nox in, rca, teclogic, pidzotto, skam, oker… improving ninja techniques.


Bring Your Black Book 2

Июль 3rd, 2011

11th of June, 2011. North Hollywood, USA.


Sticky Sticker Art Show

Июль 1st, 2011

Hosted by King Rid & Jice (Brass Knuckle Crew) in June, NYC.


Stick Of It All vol.2 Preview

Июнь 30th, 2011

Spain. Coming soon…

click to enlarge t-ninja, tnja, tee ninja, teeninja, stick of it all, show, sticker, show, street art, стрит-арт, шоу, испания, 2011

Graffiti, street art, photography and designer vinyl…
all in one melting pot. From the streets to the labs, and then back to the streets. T-Ninja Crew presents its own vision of this ever fresh visual culture. Follow us to meet interesting people and stuff. We’re here to connect the past and the future.
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