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Воскресенье, Июнь 17th, 2012


Brand new and updated street combos for you in this combolicious post feat. wenk, mr. switch, deadmeat, t-ninja, sfc x noke, tomato zero, nomor, jice (bkc), oker, josh? x skam x noke x nerd x t-ninja, chris (rwk), evoker x ccc, teclogic, hunter, t-ninja x bigdar x ant (pndk), street grapes x t-ninja, bigdar, t-ninja x oi done, ccc, neck, scom, bkc, crimson cisa, t-ninja x sfc, t-ninja x evoker, dusk, bustart x ccc, pidzotto, skam x noke, freaQ, samek


T-Ninja Slaps Round The Globe 14

Вторник, Февраль 21st, 2012


round the states…


Comboclaat #4

Понедельник, Октябрь 10th, 2011


The rest of summer combos


T-Ninja Slaps Round The Globe, Great Dozen

Среда, Сентябрь 14th, 2011


Germany, Holland, Switzerland & Finland.


Sticker Wall By Späm

Воскресенье, Август 14th, 2011

click to enlarge

Comboclaat #3

Суббота, Июль 23rd, 2011


oi done, big dar, wenk, haru haru, schurk, poor kid, company of artists, ccc, bustart, i4got, kwad, sf, neck1, crimson cisa, obey, evoker, noke, dusk1, boska, scug, dubska, freaQ, nox in, rca, teclogic, pidzotto, skam, oker… improving ninja techniques.


Stick Of It All vol.2 Preview

Четверг, Июнь 30th, 2011

Spain. Coming soon…

click to enlarge t-ninja, tnja, tee ninja, teeninja, stick of it all, show, sticker, show, street art, стрит-арт, шоу, испания, 2011

Comboclaat #2

Четверг, Май 26th, 2011


Six combos featuring: t-ninja, bytedust, crimson cisa, big dar, skam, noke, freaq, ccc, pzl, poor kid, pidzotto, oi done, obey, haru haru, nolart, narcoze, schurk, neck1, oker, evoker, chotch, bosko, icky, wenk, ren…


Graffiti, street art, photography and designer vinyl…
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