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Воскресенье, Июнь 17th, 2012


Brand new and updated street combos for you in this combolicious post feat. wenk, mr. switch, deadmeat, t-ninja, sfc x noke, tomato zero, nomor, jice (bkc), oker, josh? x skam x noke x nerd x t-ninja, chris (rwk), evoker x ccc, teclogic, hunter, t-ninja x bigdar x ant (pndk), street grapes x t-ninja, bigdar, t-ninja x oi done, ccc, neck, scom, bkc, crimson cisa, t-ninja x sfc, t-ninja x evoker, dusk, bustart x ccc, pidzotto, skam x noke, freaQ, samek


T-Ninja Slaps Round The Globe 14

Вторник, Февраль 21st, 2012


round the states…


Stick Core 2011

Пятница, Март 4th, 2011

t-ninja_blog_-stickcore_2011-intro Stick Core Exhibition – прошедшая этой зимой, открыла своим посетителям двери берлинского Dolly Café. Здесь, среди множества стикеров объединенных в пестрые комбо, можно было встретить и образцы нашего творчества…

Stick Core Exhibition opened its doors at Berlin’s Dolly Café on January 21st. Here among huge variety of stuff mixed into many-coloured combos visitors could see and enjoy some of t-ninja stickers too…


Crimson Cisa In Antwerp

Среда, Январь 19th, 2011

Graffiti, street art, photography and designer vinyl…
all in one melting pot. From the streets to the labs, and then back to the streets. T-Ninja Crew presents its own vision of this ever fresh visual culture. Follow us to meet interesting people and stuff. We’re here to connect the past and the future.
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